Your specialist for soft furnishings

Your specialist for
soft furnishings

Inneneinrichter für Textiles

Fabrics for your home


Just feel well

We offer textiles for your apartment, your house. Curtains, upholstery, table linen, bed linen, terry, cushions and accessories. They are more than just decoration. The textiles are there for a reason. They create a new dimension of well-being in your living space that you see and feel.

Our offer

Preliminary discussion on the telephone
Consultation at home
Price quote within 72 hours

Precise needlework
Reliable installation
Detailed inspection

What is most important: we are professionals at work, approachable communicators and honest in our negotiations.


We set ourselves the objective to have high standards in quality and design. We are looking forward to persuading you with know-how, creativity and empathy.

About me

Dear Esthete, dear Lover of High Standards,
dear Interior Designers,

There are places where you just feel comfortable. Whoever sets out to explore the origin of that feeling, eventually reaches a deceptively simple conclusion: nothing is too much, nothing is too little. Everything is just right. We follow this simple principle.

Our focus is textiles. Our ambition: quality. Your ideas and requests are at the centre of this. Together, we will discover the tasteful textile realisations that will make you happy – each and every time.

I am looking forward to the setting of emphases and the creation of effects – and to engaging with you.

Sincerely Philippa Fahr
Interior decorator for textiles

Textiles have been the common theme in Philippa Fahr’s career. After Secondary School, she studied creative decoration and business studies. She was member of the team for product management, creation and production at Creation Baumann. At Haug GmbH, she was an interior designer and offered consultation and installation services at Swiss Drape GmbH. She then moved on to Pfister Vorhang AG, where she was in charge of sales at Café Tiziana.  Later, she offered consultations at Christian Fischbbacher. In 2019, Philippa Fahr started her own enterprise, the Philippa Fahr AG.


Fabric for your apartment,
Fabric for your house

Let us turn ideas into reality.
Preferably today.

Philippa Fahr AG
8135 Langnau am Albis

T +41 79 454 72 46